Why FSP?

Federal Screw Products, your Just-In-Time partner

Maintaining profitability is the key to any successful partnership. Federal Screw Products can offer scheduled releases to keep the minimum inventory possible at your warehouse, while monitoring stock levels at our warehouses. To maximize your R.O.I., call or email today!

Stocking Distribution

FSP will warehouse and release product based upon your requirements. Flexible scheduling and warehousing across the U.S. allows for quick deliveries.

Full Order Delivery

To take advantage of the most cost-effective pricing we offer mill shipments. Reduce the overall cost of your fastener order by taking full delivery at time of fulfillment. Federal Screw Products works with you to perform a cost analysis and engineer your ideal delivery solution.

QC that keeps your lines moving

The quality control standards we maintain at Federal Screw Products do more than help us maintain the stringent requirements of our customers. FSP can provide inspections per MIL-STD-105, various P.P.A.P. level requirements, Material and Plating Certification and dimensional lay-outs.

Federal Screw Products compliances include R.O.H.s., R.E.A.C.H., W.E.E.E. 

Sorting is offered for dimensional verification (Optical Sorting) or for foreign material (Roll Sorting).


Customizing your Solution through Secondary Ops

Federal Screw Products offers a full array of secondary ops that allow us to provide a variety of specialty or modified items. FSP is your one stop distributor for your standard and custom orders including:

  • Custom locking solutions
  • Drilling, Tapping, Cutting
  • Custom packaging
  • Bagging single or multiple parts per bag
  • Bar coding
  • Specialty Coatings

FSP is focused on being your distributor of choice because we offer the best of both worlds. From 1,000 pcs. to 50,000,000 pcs., we maintain the capacity needed to serve our large and small industrial customer base, while still offering order customization and attention to detail – that has been our goal since 1930. Contact us using our online form or give us a call today at (800) 225-5377.

We Ship Satisfaction, Not Just Products.

Look to us for everything from Custom Fabrication to Global Product Sourcing, Inventory Management Systems and more!