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Exclusive Distributor of direct replacements of lock-bolts, collars and structural rivets.

General Fasteners

Machine Screws, Sheet Metal Screw, Nuts, Washer, Cap Screws, Etc.

Used in many applications, threaded and non-threaded standard fasteners are available for immediate delivery at the most competitive prices.

Nylon Fasteners

Wire Ties, Clips, Plugs, Caps

From Electronics to Automotive, nylon products offer an option to steel or other materials for corrosion protection, wire protection or to simplify an assembly. Federal Screw Products offers Grommets, Wire Ties, P.C. Supports and much more!

Proprietary Items

ITW Fastex, Tinnerman, Stanley / POP, Avdel, Huck, AVK

Are you challenged with locating a specialty speed clip, Christmas tree fastener, nylon P.C. support? Federal Screw Products distributes “hard to locate” proprietary products exclusive to only a handful of distributors. Federal Screw Products has established relationships with many domestic producers who provide ITW Fastex, Heyco, Tinnerman, Huck, POP, AVK and many more licensed product equivalents. Call Federal Screw Products for samples today!


Blind, Semi Tubular, Solid, Shoulder, Drive Rivets

Rivets are supplied as Blind, Drive rivets, Semi-Tubular, Solid, Shoulder or specialty rivets used in transportation, appliances, electronics along with many additional applications. Manufactured in Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nylon and finished in various coatings. Contact Federal Screw Products for all of your riveting requirements.


Shackle Bolts, Locknuts, Wheel Nuts, Wheel Bolts, D-Washers, Studs

Federal Screw Products stocks and supplies suspension related products These include Shackle-bolts, Wet Bolts, Wheel Bolts, Wheel Nuts, Specialty stamped washers and many types of engineered lock nuts.

Screw Machine

Precise Low Volume Components such as fasteners, spacers and specialty nuts

If your production requires tighter tolerances or special parts configuration, Federal Screw Products has partners with Swiss Screw Machining, CNC Multi-Spindle or turning and milling capabilities. Federal Screw Products will be happy to quote your print requirements.

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