About Us

Direct Importing Capabilities & Global Sourcing

Federal Screw Products has long been a pioneer in the ever-evolving world of import management. We have been successfully managing the import functions for Distributors and OEM’s, along with Government customers’ since 1981. We want to earn the privilege to become your Global Partner. We do this by taking the time to discuss your specific requirements, items, logistics and potential cost reductions.

We have an established record of reducing in place costs for our customers through innovative global sourcing.

We have offices in Chicago with liaisons in Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Pacific Rim. We are experienced with sourcing, importing, exporting, manufacturing, contract manufacturing, OEM, product development and private label. We have assisted our customers by reducing their production costs through overseas manufacturers, consolidation of shipments, on-site inspections to ensure integrity and quality standards are met.

We incorporate the convenience of a U.S. liaison office, (located in Chicago) with the high quality product development in Mexico, Taiwan, China and many others, to provide you with the most competitive and reliable solutions to your assembly possible.

We Ship Satisfaction, Not Just Products.

Look to us for everything from Custom Fabrication to Global Product Sourcing, Inventory Management Systems and more!